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Commentary, Criticism and Opinions on Greendale

Neil Young's Family Values, September 8, 2003

From John Lishok from Factoryville, Pa. United States on Customer Reviews: Greendale (Bonus DVD):

Greendale live made me wanna puke, September 23, 2003

From caleb363 from federal way, washington United States on Amazon Customer Reviews:

Does grandpa's interview sound familiar?, October 8, 2003

From Dan McGinn from Council Bluffs, Iowa USA on Amazon Customer Reviews:

Greendale Propaganda

On Edge City Chronicle: Comments || Neil Young's 'Greendale' Project:

"Half-baked, convoluted musical"

From Bad News Beat a blistering New York Post review:

Total Disbelief in Camden on 7/2/03

From Bad News Beat Mike M. from Wilmington, DE comments:

Reminds me of modern delta blues

From Inspirational Technology:

Makes 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' sound complex

From LA Weekly column by Judith Lewis on the Irvine, CA 9/27/03 concert:

Young has fire burning in his belly and is pissed

From Metacritic, Warren M. posts on Greendale :

The problem with Greendale is its simple blues vamps

From The Village Voice "Music: Soup Cans in the Supermarket" by John Piccarella:

Like a mule pulling a coffin through mud

From The Austin Chronicle BY RAOUL HERNANDEZ :

Less heft than the irate rambling of your neighborhood curmudgeon

From Shaking review by Kevin Forest Moreau:

More ragged and atonal than usual

From A Less Brilliant Pen by Rory Sullivan:

Real weak, half hearted attempt at something between O' Henry and Bob Fosse

From Edge City Chronicle by Anonymous Hero :

There's an actual STORY to the damn thing

On the I Love Music board the question "What to make of Neil Young's "Greendale?", Chuck posts:

Broken Arrow Readers Dismayed

Even the diehard fans that subscribe to Broken Arrow magazine from the Neil Young Appreciation Society are somewhat dismayed by Greendale. In Broken Arrow magazine issue #92, which features lots of Greendale reviews, some pretty interesting comments from Society members and not everyone is impressed with the Greendale effort. Writes Society member Andrew Byrom:

A serious achievement

From Janis Joplin Discussion Board by AC:

BBC Greendale Review touches off a firestorm of comments

Reviewer Chris Jones writes on BBC Greendale Review:

More on the reaction to the BBC Review and Greendale controversy.

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