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The Weekly Scalawag: Neil Young for his contempt for his fans

While the June 2003 Atlanta concert was a disaster for a number of reasons, including the lack of the Greendale staging itself as a framework for new songs, Creative Loafing's Scott Henry awarded Neil Young his Weekly Scalawag:

Wow. As one Rustie said: "Man, talk about harshing my mellow." This dude is seriously harshing Thrasher's mellow big time.

Many fans felt ripped off by the Greendale experience, not expecting new material and yearning for the hits of Crazy Horse. From Thrasher's Wheat Greendale Commentary page a poster named Coyote writes:

BBC Greendale Review touches off a firestorm of comments

Reviewer Chris Jones writes on BBC Greendale Review:

Feedback on the BBC review was voluminous and passionate. Here is a sample of the comments.

'Greendale' looks set to join the pantheon of great Neil Young records

Nigel Atkinson, Middlesbrough, UK "

Song story telling in the Homeric tradition

Mike Brown

Greendale is boring, the Mountainettes are ruinous


LAST unique musician on earth!

Kurt, San Francisco, CA, USA

Imagine Bob Dylan's most annoying song

Austin, California

What other artist would take such a risk?

Tim, Ohio-USA

Even the mighty Horse sounds like it's had it's knackers removed

Mick, Glasgow

He gives the finger to all of the people who just want to hear his hits again


Ralph Molina sounds like he's bashing away on upturned biscuit tins

quiet slipstream, Wolverhampton

Three cheers for the only one left from the 60's still doing it right

Jim, Michigan "

Cliched and drippy

Leigh, Birmingham UK

Greendale inspires truth seeking

SRM, San Francisco

A call to arms

Simon, London

Trippy, goofy

Jerome Langguth- Newport, KY USA "

Last of a dying breed


An artist at the top of his creativity

Neal Atherton BLACKBURN

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