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    Fresh Wheat - 1/25/2004

    Greendale 2nd Edition Release Announced

    From Bad News Beat:

      "'Greendale: Second Edition' will feature the same CD as the original disc but with a new bonus DVD. A new DVD 'Inside Greendale' will replace the first edition DVD 'Live at Vicar Street'.

      'Inside Greendale' will feature footage of Neil Young and Crazy Horse in the studio recording the album as well as footage from the film being projected on the walls.

      'Greendale: Second Edition' will be released February 24.

    Not all fans are pleased and see this as another opportunity to exploit music consumers and separate fans' hard earned dollars from their wallets. Over on Human Highway , Randy writes:

      "If they sold the new DVD separately I would have no problem. But I stand by my complaint that this is just a ploy to extract more money from the hardcore fans."

    On the other side of opinion, some see it OK for an artist to maximize product and profit. Responding on Human Highway , Peter writes:

      "I think we should give Neil some credit for releasing so much material related to the Greendale concept. It really is an unprecedented artistic endeavour for a major rock performer -- at least I can't think of any other comparable situations."

    So what do you think? Will you be buying or trading the Greendale: Second Edition? Here's a poll, so make your opinion known, Rock the Vote and Stand and Be Counted!

    And speaking of polls, this looks like a good time to review some previous polls on Thrasher's Wheat.

    On the question: "Which Greendale "style" do you like best?", here are the results:

      45% prefer the N. America Electric/Plugged/Crazy Horse style
      35% say it doesn't matter, it's all one song.
      19% like the Europe Tour Acoustic/Unplugged style
      And only 10% prefer the official studio release style (Poncho-less).

    On the question: "Will Neil Young's Greendale album be considered a "classic" in 10 years?", here are the results:

      87% say Yes, it will rank with Rust Never Sleeps, After The Goldrush, and On The Beach
      And only 12% say No, it's destined to rate with Landing on Water, TRANS, Life, and other Geffen releases.

    To vote and see latest poll results, see Polls page.

    radio paradise
    Radio Paradise Plays Some Neil

  • When we're not listening to Rust Radio here at Thrasher's Wheat, we enjoy tuning into Radio Paradise which plays lots of Neil, Lucinda, Wilco, and a bunch of other favorites. It's what they call "eclectic radio for the 21st century".

    So while playing Sun Green on Radio Paradise (hey, what other radio station plays 12 minute songs, much less Neil tunes!?) listeners were less than thrilled with the music, it's 12 minute length and bullhorn vocals. Typical comments such as these by llazare:

      "Like most of the posters here, I can't deal with this tune. It has about 1 minute of value, but just goes on and on. I too like Neil, but please, look at all the comments here and scratch this song from the playlist in the future, it ruins the set."

    Listeners rated Sun Green at 4.3. On the other hand, Radio Paradise listeners really like Cinnamon Girl , giving it a rating of 9.3. From listener Drunkenlilacwine on Cinnamon Girl:

      "Grooving track... Always lose it to dancing like a mad woman. Great song!! Great Guitar work too!"

    So check out Radio Paradise's Neil playlist, make a play request, comment and support listener supported radio. Because friends don't let friends listen to Clear Channel Corporation radio stations.

    Fresh Wheat - 1/21/2004

    sun green cu
    Greendale Film Stills

  • From Bruce on Human Highway comes word that frames from the Greendale film are now posted on Shakey's Garage. This is in addition to the script that is posted. Pretty cool. Looks like Shakey's building some momentum for Greendale premeire.

    Fresh Wheat - 1/18/2004

    Greendale Sign
    Greendale Film Schedule - A Town Coming To You Soon!

  • From

      "Neil Young is bringing the film version of his ambitious 2002 concept album Greendale to theaters this winter. After a February 13th screening at New York's Lincoln Center, the movie will open in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles and Irvine, California, on February 27th, and then play in select cities over the following couple of months. Several of screenings will coincide with Young's upcoming Greendale tour."

    Greendale theatrical openings

    Feb 27 Los Angeles, CA - Nuart
    Feb 27 Irvine, CA - UTC Irvine
    Feb 27 Austin, TX - Dobie
    Mar 5 St. Louis, MO - Tivoli
    Mar 12 Chicago, IL - Century
    Mar 12 San Francisco, CA - Lumiere
    Mar 12 Berkeley, CA - Shattuck
    Mar 19 Washington, DC - E St. Cinema
    Mar 19 Baltimore, MD - Charles
    Mar 19 New York,, NY - Sunshine
    Mar 19 Pleasantville, NY - Burns Film Center
    Mar 19 Montclair, NJ - Claridge
    Mar 19 Atlanta, GA - Midtown Art
    Mar 19 Cleveland, OH - Cedar Lee
    Mar 26 Boston, MA - Kendall
    Mar 26 Amherst, MA - Academy of Music
    Apr 2 Portland, OR - Cinema 21
    Apr 2 Providence, RI - Avon
    Apr 2 Great Barrington, MA - Triplex
    Apr 9 Gainesville, FL - Regal Gainesville 14
    Apr 16 Eugene, OR - Bijou Cinema
    Apr 16 Chapel Hill, NC - Varsity
    Apr 23 Nashville, TN - Regal Hills Green 16

    See Neil's Garage for film schedule updates and preview the trailer. "Exquisitely Grungy!" exclaims one reviewer.

    rust radio
    Rust Radio Rules This Weekend

  • Another amazing selection of live Neil tunes on Rust Radio this weekend. Bonnaroo 2003, Bridge concerts and tons of other classic live performances featured. Live music is better. Amazing.

    Check it out while surfing. Thanks Roel! (who's obviously doing well.. Note: Only available on weekends.)

    Fresh Wheat - 1/11/2004

    Happy Birthday Stephen Stills!

  • A little late on noting Stephen's birthday here, but over on one of our favorites sites of late SUITELORRAINE.COM a very cool little movie of Stephen jammin. Check it out. Thanks Lorraine!

    And because it's so cool, Suite: Lorraine is the Link of the Moment.

    Fresh Wheat - 1/8/2004

    More Greendale 2004 Concert Tour dates added

  • More Neil Young and Crazy Horse concert dates announced for Spring 2004 tour.

    February 2004
    23 - Sacramento, CA - Memorial Auditorium (on sale 1/10)

    March 2004
    2 - Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee Theatre (on sale 1/10)
    7 - Moline, IL - Mark of the Quad Cities (on sale 1/10)
    11 - Cleveland, OH - CSU Convocation Center (on sale 1/10)
    12 - Hershey, PA - Giant Center (on sale 1/10)
    14 - Wallingford, CT - Oakdale Theatre
    15 - Fairfax, VA - Patriot Center
    21 - Amherst, MA - Mullins Center (on sale 1/17)

    See more of Neil Young's Greendale 2004 tour dates. Also see Baron's Tour 2004 page and Shakey's Garage for updates.

    Fresh Wheat - 1/1/2004

    Rolling Stone Magazine's Critics Top Albums of 2003

  • Happy New Year!!! Things are getting off to a good start. Well, it looks like those critics over at Rolling Stone magazine have actually taken some time to listen to Greendale and absorb the significance of the most important album of 2003. Thankfully, it looks like I was wrong when I wrote in August that "Greendale will not be the highest selling or most critically acclaimed album of 2003, but it is without a doubt the most important album of 2003."

    So all you critics sit alone. From Rolling Stone:

      "Despite the hype surrounding the two of the biggest "The" bands since the Beatles and the Stones, the Strokes and the White Stripes pulled in fewer votes for their respective 2003 releases (four) than did the latest offerings from grunge godfather Neil Young and long under-appreciated power-pop outfit Fountains of Wayne (both with five).

      Here's the comments of Rolling Stone Magazine's critics on Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Greendale (Reprise):

      8. Full of ambition and conviction, the raw and powerful Greendale is the anti-pop album.

      7. Young goes big concept and small production on this oft-harrowing, oft-hilarious view of smalltown U.S.A. . . . after the towers fell.

      6. What a crazy, lovable, funny, rockin' old hippie coot. His best since Ragged Glory.

      10. On his best album in more than a decade, Neil Young finally sounds passionate again.

      2. Good protest music never goes out of style.

See December 2003 news for more on Neil Young's Greendale.

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