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Here are some book reviews of Jimmy McDonough's long awaited biography of Neil Young titled "Shakey": Neil Young's Biography which was finally released in 2002. Weighing in at 786 pages, it is considered to be the definitive account of Neil's life and music.

The "authorized" biography's publication resulted in a lawsuit filed by none other than Neil himself. The lengthy publication delay and the surrounding controversy are just another chapter in the unpredictability of Neil.

In an article on Slate, Marc Weingarten writes on the "Shakey" lawsuit:

From Guardian Unlimited article by Adam Sweeting with Young commenting on the Shakey biography:

  • From Pitchfork: Book Review: Shakey: Neil Young's Biography:

  • From Pittsburgh, PA Post-Gazette Shakey review "Portrait reveals Neil Young as a brilliant musician who holds fast to his antisocial ways" on June 04, 2002 by Scott Mervis:

  • From the New York Times Sunday Magazine, 7/30/00 article "Neil Young On A Good Day" by Steve Erickson:

  • Jimmy McDonough, author of Shakey bio, NPR Interview, 6/22/02:

  • From Flak Magazine review by Bob Cook (07-15-02):

  • From Book Review in Maclean's (May 13, 2002, by BRIAN D. JOHNSON):

  • From a Shakey review by Michael Goldberg on +++ neumu [ the drama you've been craving ]:

    Flak Magazine: Review of Shakey, 07-15-02 by — Bob Cook:

    Neil Young Bibliography: "At one point, wrangling over a detail with Young’s representative Irwin Spiegal Osher, McDonough admits he cried, “Go ahead! Do it — and I’ll blow my goddamn brains out all over your cheap fucking white shoes.”"

  • Read excerpts of "Shakey: Neil Young's Biography" Shakey Bio Cover

  • Lawsuit against Neil background - A lawsuit was filed by Neil's biographer Jimmy McDonough over the release of the final publication "Shakey". From Human Highway.

  • You're Strange, but Don't Change - Shakey Review, NY Times, By Rick Moody, 5/26/02.

  • Review - Shakey: Neil Young's Biography" by Jimmy McDonough - The story of the "Godfather of Grunge" is a tale of sickness, health, overweening ego, spectacular talent and reckless abandon. By Douglas Cruickshank, Salon Mag, 6/5/02

  • Excerpt from book with interview with Larry Cragg about Neil Young's guitars and equipment.

  • Excerpt from book with interview with Elliot Roberts , Neil Young's manager.

  • Too Far Gone: Fucking Up with Neil Young" - Village Voice article by Jimmy McDonough, author of Shakey bio, Winter 1989.This is where Jimmy and Neil first meet up.

  • More on author James McDonough and writing Neil Young biography "Shakey".

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