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1. Falling From Above 2. Double E 3. Leave The Driving 4. Bandit 5. Carmichael 6. Devil's Sidewalk 7. Grandpa's Interview 8. Bringin' Down Dinner 9. Sun Green 10. Be The Rain

Of course one of the best sources of insight into the meaning of Greendale is from Neil himself. Here's what Neil says introducing "Bringing Down Dinner" in Dublin, May 2003:

The Making of the DVD

Making Greendale

From press release on "Greendale: Second Edition":

greendale_inside greendale_inside_headphones

Inside Greendale can be previewed on Shakey's Garage.

  • From Australia's ABC 20/11/2003 interview by Richard Kingsmill on making Greendale:

    From Neil Young interview for German TV 'aspekte' in Oslo on making Greendale:

    In an interview with Jon Pareles in The New York Times in June 2003, Neil said:

    Rob Garriot reports on Bad News Beat, on the Mill Valley, CA screening of Greendale:

    From The New York Times article Great Tunes, but Where is the Cover? by J. GREG PHELAN:

  • From Brisbane Herald-Sun "Neil, Young at heart" by NUI TE KOHA on 22 November 2003 Brisbane concert:

  • From Pacifica Tribune Online "Making of Greendale Message from a Greendale Mountainette", December 03, 2003, on Mountainette Nancy Hall's experience:

  • From Australia's ABC 20/11/2003 interview by Richard Kingsmill where Neil comments on driving to the studio and pulling over by the side of the road to write lyrics:

    Venice Mag

  • From Venice Magazine, February 2004 interview with Steve Baltin on how he learned the film making craft:

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    See Undercover a Australia site for more Greendale photos.

    See - "Ich mache mir um einiges Sorgen" a German site for more details and an interview with Neil.


    "You can make a difference if you really try." - Be The Rain

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